Kiti Saangaychay Song, Double Seat Movie Song

Kiti Saangaychay Song

Double Seat Movie, Download popular Marathi video song. This August let the silence express your love. Watch this love song from Double Seat that will take you through the beautiful moments between Amit & Manjiri. The song is sung by Jasraj Joshi & Aanandi Joshi, composed by Hrishikesh, Saurabh, Jasraj and the lyrics by Spruha Joshi, Download hit Marathi song.

Double Seat Synopsis

Double Seat portrays the struggles of a recently married couple seeking to move out of their family home and buy an apartment. Born and raised in Metropolitan Mumbai, Amit works in the packing industry with his approach to life reinforced by his father, a horse trainer. Amit's wife, Manjiri, a native of the village of Roha, with a remarkable zest for life, is optimistic about working as an LIC agent despite the difficulties of adjusting to city life.

Kiti Saangaychay Song

किती सांगायचय......
किती सांगायचय मला किती सांगायचय
कोरडया जगात माझ्या,
Kiti Saangaychay Song
Kiti Saangaychay Song
भोवती चार भिंती, बोचरे नकार सारे
आशा क्षणात विरती
बेचैन स्वप्नांची अन पाखरे हरून जाती
मनाच्या पाऱ्याला  आवरू किती

किती सांगायचय मला ......किती सांगायचय
किती सांगायचय मला तुला .... किती सांगायचय......४

मनाच्या पाऱ्याला असे  स्वप्नांचे बहर
मनाच्या  आभाळी अशी ओले ती लहर
मनाच्या या गावी असे दोघांचेच घर
घेऊदे मनाला श्वास मोकळा
किती सांगायचय मला ......किती सांगायचय
किती सांगायचय मला तुला .... किती सांगायचय

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