Raga Raga Full Song, Vrundavan Movie Song

Raga Raga Full Song

Vrundavan Movie Song, Download Marathi video song, Singers - Kasturi Wavare & Harshavardhan Wavare, Music director - Amitraj, Lyricist - Mandar Cholkar, Music Produced/Arranged/Mixed & Mastered by - Karan Wavre & Aditya Patekar at Trineeti Studio, Cast - Raqesh Padmakar Bapat, Ashok Saraf, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sharad Ponkshe, Mohan Joshi, Uday Tikekar, Kumar Hegde, Bharat Ganeshpure, Pooja Sawant, Vaidehi Parashurami & Aarti Solanki, Banner - Realistic Film Company, Producer - Sandeep Sharma, Raj Premi, Suniel Khandpur & Jigar Kadakia, Director - TLV Prasad, AmritRaj Video Songs.

Vrundavan Movie Review

Vrundavan, the official and frame-by-frame remake of Telugu film Brindavanam, is just another film to prove the point. It is so over the top and utterly devoid of logic that it must feel strange in any language. However, South Indian films have a tradition of such cinema, and the more far away the film remains from reality, the audience probably enjoys it more. We have seen a number of southern remakes and use of their aesthetics in many Marathi films recently. So far, the response has always been lukewarm. Let's see if Vrundavan can break the spell.

Incidentally, if we keep the annoyingly loud presentation aside, the idea here is workable, something which would be easily at home in a decent Bollywood comedy-drama (and one may be in the pipeline already). Simply put, it's a combination of two broad ideas. The pre-intermission portion is a variant on everything from The Rainmaker to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge , where the protagonist enters a strange household, and changes things for good. Post intermission it is a variant on films like Birdcage or Housefull, where impersonations and mistaken identities during a family get together lead to a farcical situation. My one great misgiving about the way screenplay shapes up is the set-up.

Krish (Bapat) is a good Samaritan, who also happens to be very rich. He is in love with Pooja (Sawant). Things are going well, when Pooja suggests that Krish should pose as Bhumi's (Parshurami) boyfriend, so that Bhumi can get out of a troublesome marriage commitment. Bhumi wants to study further, but her father (Manjrekar) wants her to marry a local goon for a perfectly silly reason. Now, any sane person can immediately realise a complication directly arising from this, but for the sake of convenience, the trio completely ignores it. The lie predictably leads to further complications, and things start unraveling.
Raga Raga Full Song
Raga Raga Full Song

A similar situation, the hero posing as a boyfriend to a girl he doesn't intend to marry, was handled remarkably well in Jab We Met. Here, it begins on a false note due to the set-up. Krish poses as a likeable beau, so it is predictable that family will accept him. And when they do accept him, no one has any plan to get out of the situation. Things marginally improve in the second half, where the film changes focus from love and family to situational comedy. The treatment is the main culprit here . Implausible action in endless slow motion, too much dialogue, melodrama, and too many characters behaving in a completely unrealistic way is the order of the day. The film is jarring and interminable because of it.

Most of the acting talent is in good to competent range, so in spite of the screenplay issues, there are a few laughs to be had. Special mention of Bharat Ganeshpure needs to be made, who is remarkable in a small but memorable role. He outperforms everyone else in each scene he features in. Ganeshpure is a relatively new, but regular face in Marathi comedy. He is a very good actor and my unsolicited advice to him would be to maintain a variety in the roles he chooses. Being a typecast would be damaging to his career now, and in the long run.

All said and done, Vrundavan is an average film. I'm sure you know if this is your type. So in case you want to see it, please don't wait for my recommendation. It's not coming.

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